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Building a freelancer network of 100+ million referral members across the world to deliver word of mouth influenced sales leads and jobseekers to listed businesses.
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Power your business with millions of committed influencers and brand Ambassadors who will bring the most qualified sales leads and jobseekers to your doorstep in exchange for success based referral commission.
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Sign Up as a referral member to refer Buyers or Jobseekers to listed referral schemes and earn excellent referral commission for every successful transaction. Another smart way to earn for life is by introducing new referral members like you to receive 10% equivalent to their direct earnings for life (limited time opportunity until the network is full)
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Manage thousands of unique jobseekers and profile confidentially on iCanRefer™. Resume Bank for life. Deliver ready for interview Resumes to every matching job upon jobseeker confirmation and earn screening success fee, repeatedly for every successful delivery.
Be a Sales Advisor to help
companies and earn for life
Earn account management fee and transaction commission for life by helping companies to register, provide necessary training to publish referral schemes for Products, Services or Jobs along with referral commission payable for each successful transaction.
is built on App only model
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iCanRefer™ is developed as a mobile app only for all the end users. Web Portal is provided for administrative and mass processing activities of career advisors and users of the company for managing recruitment process and user administration.
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Bringing 100+ million influencers to help businesses and achieve prosperity
About iCanRefer™

World’s first referral marketplace that brings the power millions of committed referral members and influencers to empower every business to source qualified sales leads and jobseekers in exchange for referral commission only for successful transactions

The best referral platform
The most protected investment for the companies to list referral schemes and pay only for successful transactions.
The most genuine platform to earn
Verified referral schemes supported by genuine referral members who earn only upon successful outcome
Financial stability for millions
A noble concept to help millions of referral members achieve financial stability by supporting businesses to prosper
Build your financial stability by helping companies, buyers and jobseekers

Referral Members

Referral members can just remain as only referral member or upgrade for free of cost to either Sales Advisor if you have business contacts or Career Advisor if you have recruitment knowledge as an individual, manpower agency or a staffing provider


Refer buyers for listed referral schemes and earn 40% of the total commission upon successful purchase


Refer Jobseekers to listed jobs and earn 40% of total referral commission upon successful on-boarding and completion of guarantee period of stay


Introduce new referral members like you and earn 10% of their direct earnings every month for life


Bring new companies as a Sales Advisor and earn 10% of total monthly referral commission for life and 40% of Annual Maintenance Charges


Manage thousands of jobseekers, deliver ready-for-interview Resumes and earn for every successful delivery and repeat earning for each CV for life

Sales lead generation

Sales lead generation

  • Publish sales referral schemes to source qualified buyers or sales leads and pay referral fee only for those successful transactions
  • Move marketing and advertising buds into success based referral payments that helps every business improves profitability, business growth and enables to help people in their financial stability and sustenance
  • Build a strong base of referral members and brand ambassadors to protect and grow the business
Sales lead generation

Ready for interview resume sourcing

  • Publish referral Jobs for employment or for contract hiring along with assessment criteria to enable referral members submit pre-qualified jobseekers
  • Pay commission only for on-boarded applicants, reduce hiring cost, time, improve quality and source nearby Jobseekers that improves workforce stability
  • Use iCanRefer™ to fulfil to acquire both permanent and contract workforce

About iCanRefer™

iCanRefer™ is the world’s first referral marketplace to empower organizations to grow their business and workforce by reducing the cost significantly but improving the quality at the same time by crowdsourcing sales lead generation and for sourcing ready-for-interview jobseekers.

This is a social platform where member earn maximum possible revenue

How much you earn

We distribute highest possible revenue share with members, buyers and jobseekers to ensure we remain the most ethical and moral capitalistic platform that builds the financial stability and careers of 100+ million members across the world who can further influence 7 billion people of the world

Referral Member

Become a Referral Member to refer buyers or jobseekers and earn upon success. Also introduce new referral members to earn for life

Refer buyers to listed referral scheme to earn 40% of referral commission upon successful purchase

Refer jobseekers to any of the listed referral jobs and earn upon joining and completion of guarantee period of stay

Introduce new referral members and earn 10% equivalent to their earnings, everyone month for life

Note: Buyer or referred Jobseeker also receives 10% Buyer Bonus

Sales Advisor

A referral member can upgrade to Sales Advisor if you have good business contacts and capable of signing up new companies onto iCanRefer™

Identify new company who are interested to Sign Up, sign the agreement, collect the Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) to receive 40% of total AMC

Manage the account to receive 10% of total referral commission paid by the company, every month as long as you keep the company active on iCanRefer™

Earn 10% of total advertising service revenue, paid on monthly basis

Career Advisor

As a referral member can upgrade to Career Advisor if you have recruitment skills and committed to help jobseekers for life

Register and manage up to 10,000 unique Resumes and earn repeatedly on each Resume for life

Deliver ready-for-interview jobseekers for incoming jobs or job alerts and earn 40% of delivery fee

Submit Resumes to any of the listed referral schemes and earn 40% of total referral fee upon joining and guarantee period completion

Earn 40% of total CV Fee for each managed Resume, downloaded by the Employers

iCanRefer™ global presence

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